29 October – Terracotta Warriors 

Today we visit the Terracotta Warriors. Discovered by chance by a couple of farmers digging a well. Now one of the world’s most incredible archeological sites. The work here has been on going for 40 years and will likely continue for many more. Only a fraction of the site has been uncovered to date. All the warriors were originally found smashed to pieces due to vandalism which took place not long after their original creation and burial. Needless to say, while the unearthing is taking years, the restoration of the 1000s of broken warrior bits is taking even longer.

Remarkable to see this place and learn a tiny bit more of the history that led to the creation of such a massive tomb. This is a very popular destination for every tourist in this country, both Chinese and foreign. I think everyone visited today. However Koby assures us that the crowds we experienced today are in fact not crowds. So a suggestion to anyone reading this who thinks they will visit. Do so first thing in the morning and for sure not on a Chinese holiday. Otherwise I think the experience would be anything but pleasant. Judging from what we witnessed today, I think it would be possible to not see a thing other than the backs and heads of throngs of people squeezing in front of you. There is no concept of taking one’s turn here and personal space is rather less than what we westerners are used to. Even little old ladies are brutal with their pushing and shoving! Thankfully, while we did have to deal with some of that towards the end of our visit, for the most part our time with the warriors was without undue trampling.

I’m not going to summarize the history here because even the most brief synopsis will take too long.

With out further comment – –

5 thoughts on “29 October – Terracotta Warriors 

  1. I’m loving your blogs, Kim. They bring back many memories for me, but I also see many changes in China since 1988! I remember being quite overwhelmed by the sight of the terra cotta warriors…what an astounding find!

  2. In a word – incredible! Dating back to when?
    Seems just about anywhere where tourism is rampant, it’s harder and harder to get a photo without heads and backs in it!

    • Good morning Leslie,
      I’ve had a couple of questions about the warriors so am working on a brief history.
      Will finish and send during our next break in relentless activities!
      I have lots of good things to say about Viking tours. One of them is that they ensure guests get their money’s worth!


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