20 October – Madly sight seeing in Shanghai 

We have had a very busy day. It is late and tomorrow begins early so a  brief blog this evening.

We spend the majority of the day engaged in the assorted activities of getting to and riding one of those hop-on-hop-off bus tours.

We begin by getting on the wrong bus with the wrong ticket – purchased from the hotel. However the young fellow checking tickets was very accommodating. He gives us credit for the ticket we have and up sells us on his bus tour package. We set off happy as clams.

We have to move hotels in the middle of our bus riding bliss so that involves a bit of extra walking to and from but we need a lunch break anyway. We manage to be at the top of one of Shanghai’s tallest buildings for sunset. We stroll the riverside promenade first in the sunshine then later at night. We get great views from our upper floor vantage point as the bus spins us through the scenic highlights of this immense city. 

Except for a supreme rip off of a so called “sight seeing” tunnel involving a very cool we tram ride under the river – no sightseeing involved as it turns out – just some very tacky poorly done sound and light nonsense and a one way trip so one has to purchase a return ticket for extra, the day has been most successful. You know the phrase – being Shanghaied – hmmm I. Guess we got off lucky!

We are now checked into the fancy Westin on the Bund. A very palatial room on the sixth floor. Will send some pictures tomorrow the bathroom is to die for! Soft robes and slippers too.

Here’s some pictures from today. Obviously better internet here. Good night from Shanghai.

2 thoughts on “20 October – Madly sight seeing in Shanghai 

  1. Hi Kim,
    As nice as the bathroom sounds, I bet it was not as welcomed as our bathroom in Tumlingtar. Good walk with Pat on Tues. Continue to enjoy China. It is a fascinating country.

  2. Love your blogs with my morning coffee. This is all sounding pretty upscale – quite a departure from your Nepal trip with Marianne! The ‘nonsense’ piece makes me laugh. Is this something that Asians find interesting? Does someone with authority imagine that this is how we want to spend our time? Puzzling.

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