8 April – Farewell Nepal

Our last day. It’s sunny and quite warm in the high 20s. We walked over to the Garden of Dreams and spent some time enjoying it’s European flavour and tranquility. It is an island within the chaos of Kathmandu. We also had salads for lunch. Yummy greens, raw, uncooked, crisp – really good. Western prices though. Always a bit of a shock!
I tried to find one last item on my shopping wish list but to no avail. Just as well, my pack and duffel are getting heavy and very full and my wallet is quite light due to its empty state! I’m already dream weaving my next trip to Nepal. Something a bit more comfortable and easier I think. …. So many ideas to choose from.
On that note it’s time to say good bye. Thank you for joining Marianne and I on this remarkable, sometimes difficult, usually fun, always surprising, adventure. Stay turned for “China with Dave” (my dad) in October.  Mean time Natasha and my garden await me and Jerry awaits Marianne upon our return. We hope to see many of you soon. Despite what you might think – there are yet a few more stories to tell! (Hard to believe!)

This last blog is sent to you from the Hong Kong airport. Due to the international date line we’ll be in Vancouver before we leave here.  Wish it really was that quick!

2 thoughts on “8 April – Farewell Nepal

  1. Thank you Kim for sharing your most interesting travels with me. It was educational to say the least. We are so blessed to live as we do. Happy gardening!




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