4 April -When seemingly bad Karma is actually not bad at all

A couple of you have commented on the bad karma that seems to be dogging Marianne and I on this journey. I was inclined to agree but here’s a different take on that idea. 
Today’s paper “The Kathmandu Post” carries an interesting article about yesterday’s land slide on the road to Chitwan. Several vehicles were involved with only two fatalities (not five as I reported yesterday) and a couple of injured people. It happened at 10:30 am – barely five minutes before we’d have been in that location had we been further ahead in the slow moving line of traffic. So I’d say that’s about the best karma one could hope for. Funny how one’s viewpoint on a situation can swing 180 degrees with such swiftness. Perhaps rather than lamenting not being in Chitwan, we should be celebrating not being victims of a landslide. Perspective.

Now about our day in Pokhara. We slept in. We ate a leisurely breakfast in the morning sun. Yesterday’s violent thunder and rain storm had cleared the air. We sat on our comfortable deck reading the paper, journal writing, answering e-mails, listening to bird song. Enjoying the stretch of an un-encumbered day ahead.

We spent the afternoon absorbed in some minor shopping therapy. This included buying a small bottle of rum to enjoy on our deck this evening. We returned to our hotel just before the sky became dark and a mighty thunder, lightning, rain and hail storm unleashed itself! It was impressive. (Still is actually.) Both Marianne and I have lived in Ontario. We know what a thunderstorm can be like. This one takes the prize for loudness, closeness and duration. There was barely one second between blinding flashes of lightning and the roars and crashes of thunder! The original fury of the storm lasted less than an hour but it’s now after dinner and rain is still deluging, lightning continues flashing brilliantly and thunder is rumbling ominously! Very odd weather for this time of year in Nepal. We’ve spent the past hour sitting on our deck, sipping that rum we bought earlier and watching the storm rage around us. It’s good to know we don’t have to go outside to an outhouse tonight! 
Good night from comfortable Lake View Resort in Pokhara.

3 thoughts on “4 April -When seemingly bad Karma is actually not bad at all

  1. Your last adventure was much gentler in nature. I googled the Pokhara Lake View resort…very nice! What a great way to wind up your holiday! Has there been much rebuilding in Kathmandu since the earthquake? Last night we saw a documentary on the Nepal earthquake…had seen it before…kept thinking of when we were there. Such devestation. Your karma has changed gals! Yes you could have been in the landslide!

  2. These mountains and the hot humid air seem currents seem to create quite fantastic electrical storms! They are incredible to behold and hear. Last evening the streets were awash with torrents of rushing flooding water…. as you say – better experienced from indoors.

  3. The gods were with you, I would say that was definitely good Karma ! I love a good storm but after seeing Ontario ones it’s hard to believe they could be that bad. Nice to see if you are indoors. Keep on trekking !

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