30 March – The End Game

We’ve done it! We arrived walking tall and strong  – but dirty and weary –  into Tumlingtar (400 metres) just a shade before noon today. And suddenly our trek is done. Tendi, Dendi and Puri were just as happy as we!
It always comes as a bit of a shock. Here that shock is accentuated by the vehicle traffic and a small airport. The airport is immediately across the road from our hotel. Several planes have come and gone while we’ve devoured lunch and two really large beers! 

I said hotel – did I you notice? We are staying in what will likely be a proper hotel but at the moment it is only partly completed. There is however an en-suite bathroom with a western style toilet and a sink with a tap, and cold running water. There is also a shower with minimal cold water pressure and no hot water. Considering  the heat that isn’t really a hardship. The staircase is rough unfinished concrete, no railings of course. The dining room leaves much to be desired, but as you will have gathered by the influx of blogs, there is internet. Slow poor connection though so pictures are still awaiting! I promise some will come eventually! 

Out last morning continued along the gently undulating road and for some time along the rocky shore of the Arun Nadi. It was muggy and sweaty so we stopped twice for “Dew” breaks. What? Instead of tea we each had cold Mountain Dews. Much needed refreshment.

For the most part, our walk took us through farm land. Rice paddies with a generous component of chickens (ubiquitous) goats, cattle, water buffalo, and pigs. There was also a large troupe of monkeys. Handsome with their white ruffs around their black faces, they were scrambling around in some trees at the edge of the jungle, no doubt awaiting the opportunity to raid some of those nice young rice seedlings.

Unfortunately this part of Nepal is quite squalid. Seems to go hand in hand with the proximity to India. (Probably not a politically correct comment but it is what we see.)

So here we are in dirty (but not disgustingly so) Tumlingtar.

Our trail trials are behind us. 

This was an epic journey. 

We’ve decided to call it “Kim and Marianne’s Four Pass Trek.” The reality is that it will take us some time and reflection to really progress what we’ve just accomplished. We feel the pride. We feel exhausted. We are pleased to have been off the tourist highways, but realize that freedom came with a pretty steep price in terms of comfort. Now we’ve done it neither of us would try it again. It was simply too damn hard. It was also incredible.

I’m glad we had the naivety to attempt this route because had we known what it would encompass I think neither of us would have had the courage to take it on.

14 thoughts on “30 March – The End Game

  1. Fantastic !!! What an amazing trip. It was wonderful reading your blog. and thank you for sending the wonderful photo’s. I think you both deserve a medal. It was fun reading all your well written blogs. I really felt as though I was on the journey with you !! Well done / Jenny S.

  2. An incredible journey! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH, What fantastic stamina..well done, so many great memories to share. Thanks for doing that. Hugs, Joyce

    Joyce Relyea Phone: 250-339-4083


  3. Congrats! Another epic adventure Kim! you two persevered through sheer will power and being in good shape. I hope you will treat yourselves to some decadence and pampering.

  4. Well done you two intrepid trekkers! What an adventure. Yes, sometimes the only way through it is THROUGH it! First day of sun here in a long while. . We are grateful for its warmth and accompanying bird song. I second some of Donna’s comments but at the same time am envious of your adventure, but not sure I could do it, even when I was well!!!

  5. Yay you! Beyond impressive, I realize that the steep comfort price that you refer to is more than I am prepared to pay. At 70, I may be done with endurance tests. Hugs to both of you. Perhaps I’ll have a deep, profoundly warm and scented bath on your behalf. And some wine, of course. Then there’s the comfy bed – duvet and down pillows, all spectacularly clean with a slight hint of lavender. Just imagine.
    The sun shone all day today and it was glorious – we broke into a 2 digit temperature and it felt semitropical. Squalid it is not.

    • Oh Donna, what I’d give for that bath, the wine, the bed! Will have to wait a while. That said, the challenges of third world travel, though significant are also worthwhile because the experiences are richly rewarding. See you soon!

  6. Congratulations to you both, I’m so thankful you’ve arrived safe and sound. Please pass on my love to Marianne, Sandra

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