28 March into the jungle, the hot steamy jungle, we walked today

Today we lost another 755 metres of elevation on our route to Dhobhani.We only walked for four hours but it seemed longer. Some of the route was rock strewn and muddy and footing was often challenging. We followed the Irkhuwa Khola for most of the day. It rushes along tumbling over massive boulders roaring sometimes right beside us and at other times way below when the trail takes us up and around cliffs along its turbulent course. 

For the first time on this trek I dressed in western clothing. My long woollen Sherpa dress is now stowed in the bottom of the pack Puri is carrying. It is too warm to wear that much wool! We have entered a new climate zone and are currently walking through jungle and rice farms. It seems such a sudden change from just two days ago when we walked through snow and climbed over a pass above the tree line! In the sun this morning it was hot! About 30 degrees. Hard to get used to so quickly.

Our accommodation this evening is a woven bamboo sided room above a small shop. Ventilation is excellent! Privacy perhaps a bit on the sketchy side. Note to selves – get undressed in the dark! The building is perched on a steep slope above the river. We shall be lulled to sleep by its incessant roar no doubt. The outhouse is down a precariously steep path, lined with upside down beer bottles three quarters buried in the ground to mark the way. I’m not sure how either of us will negotiate getting there in the dark when we do our midnight run….. but we have our methods to circumvent needless slipping and sliding in the dark!

Now that we are in jungle country there are numerous new bird songs and insects. Very large tunnel spiders, butterflies of all manner of colours, annoying flies, caterpillars and the like. In wet places there are also the dreaded enormous blood hungry Nepali leaches. We walked through several wet places but took care to step with leach avoiding care!

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