10 March – I think – in Hong Kong

I know we’re in Hong Kong, but do feel a bit fuzzy on the date! The international date line messes with my mind at the best of times.

The flight went well once we finally left Vancouver a full 16 hours late! I watched three really good movies too. At least in my fogged state they seemed good enough to recommend.

Arrival – about aliens arriving on earth and so different from the normal shoot em up type alien movies. Great plot.

Allied – with Brad Pitt as a Canadian spy. Takes place during WWII. Some of the action is in Morocco.  Bit contrived at the conclusion but good watching none the less.

Anthropoid – based on a true WWII resistance story from Czechoslovakia. Gripping, sad, interesting part of that history I was previously unaware of.

All A movies – ha – odd. “A” in more ways than one as it turned out.

Upon arrival in Hong Kong we were all met by extremely efficient Cathay Pacific staff and were very soon through customs with our vouchers in hand for accommodation and meals at the near by Regent hotel. Big place, clean, very pleasant. Free wifi…… Seems there are a great number of us flight CX889 passengers staying here – we’re a bit of a club now! A day to while away now before we board our final flight. If all goes as hoped be leave here at 7 this evening and will arrive in Nepal 24 hrs later than originally expected.

Here’s hoping that the next time you hear from me will be from the lovely courtyard garden of the Florid hotel in Kathmandu.

3 thoughts on “10 March – I think – in Hong Kong

  1. Hope your arrival in Nepal is more successful…..you’ve missed some more shitty weather here so perhaps that helps take the edge off your travel glitches.


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  2. so grateful for your posts, Kim. I can travel vicariously through you and thank you for the movie recommendations. I am always looking for good movies but just like the books I start, I only finish 1 for every 10 because if it gets too disturbing I have to vanish.

    Love to hear of your adventures. Admire you SO much!



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