9 March – the never ending day at YVR

So short update. I left home exactly 24 hours ago and we are still in Vancouver. Our night at the Sheraton was anything but restful. The room’s air handler roared like a jet engine off and on all night long. Breakfast was good though and we went for a pleasant walk along the dyke on the opposite side of the river from the airport. Was a good way to get some exercise and fresh air before heading back to the airport to do just what we did yesterday ….. check in…. security…. hang out at the gate and wait.

We are going to get a hotel in Hong Kong thanks to Cathay Pacific. We’ll have all day there tomorrow so might get to see a bit of the city. Always good to look on the plus side of things.

We’ll be arriving in Kathmandu 24 hours later than anticipated. So really not so bad!

Because we’d already gone through security yesterday, when we left the airport we had to get those customs cards, fill them out and clear back through customs. Now that was weird as we’d not yet been anywhere. The customs guy thought it was all fairly funny, and not that unusual. Good thing we hadn’t bought any duty free stuff though. Had we done so, we’d have had to declare it and pay duty. Now that would have not been so funny! So word of warning to my duty free shopping friends!

Our plane has just pulled up to the gate. It appears to have all its wheels, two wings, two engines, a tail – yes all very positive for an eventual departure. Has anyone seen that movie “The Terminal” – think that’s what it’s called. About the guy stuck in the airport…… I haven’t but am feeling some affinity to the situation.

2 thoughts on “9 March – the never ending day at YVR

  1. I trust you’re well on your way by now. It should be fun having a stopover in Hong Kong….it’s an exciting city. I’m glad your cloud had a silver lining!

  2. Hey Kim and Marianne…trust you are in the air by now. Have a safe flight. Glad Cathay Pacific is picking up the tab for hotels, meals and for the inconvenience.

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