9 Mar 2017 – Off to Nepal like a herd of Turtles

Did you know that when one is staying at the fancy pants Sheraton Hotel in Vancouver one must pay for Internet. Yup no free wifi here. Really? Yes really!

Now how would I know that? Well because here I sit on a fancy bed in a fancy room in the Sheraton. This because our flight to Hong Kong is 14 hours and 50 minutes delayed. Indeed. Our connection from Hong Kong to Kathmandu remains a mystery to be hopefully solved tomorrow. Isn’t travelling fun!

So there you have the first post of this somewhat delayed Nepal adventure. By the way Cathay Pacific is paying for the room and tomorrow’s breakfast. I expect we will wrangle lunch out of them as well…. maybe. How about an upgrade! Now that would ease the pain somewhat but I’m not holding my breath.

Good night from Vancouver! Let the games begin.

10 thoughts on “9 Mar 2017 – Off to Nepal like a herd of Turtles

  1. Hi Marianne and Kim – (Marianne shared your blogsite and I’m going to be a keen follower)
    re the Sheraton and no free wifi- from my days in travel, the Starwood Hotel program of which Sheraton is a member, ‘used’ to give comp wifi but as Cathay is picking up hotel tab that may have been properties way of getting around that perk!

    Good luck!

    Chris & Tom McGee

    • Hi Chris and Tom, Marianne says hi. Turns out Cathay Pacific happily picked up the WiFi tab. No complaints about how they’ve looked after a whole plane load of people. Pretty impressive. But I’m not a fan of big fancy hotels because quality service is often rather lacking. They seem to feel a sense of entitlement to rip off guests based on name brand. I’m more into places that earn a good reputation based on the quality of services and amenities. So we have a night in Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific tab coming up. They sure aren’t making money on this flight! Will be interesting to see how that goes. We will eventually reach Kathmandu – I remain hopeful anyway!

  2. Hi there Kim and Marianne,

    Cripes….isn’t traveling fun!! Hope the connection from Hong Kong to Kathmandu is easily solved and goes smoothly for you. Looking forward to your continued blog Kim. Sorry I missed seeing you before you left. Your departure date crept up on me! Best of luck, Brenda

    • Sorry I missed seeing you too Brenda. My life was very busy with cleaning up winter damage in the garden and having a heat pump installed and dealing with a flooded crawl space….. so nice to have left all that behind. This is kinda relaxing in comparison!

  3. Not a great beginning to your adventure, but hopefully everything will go smoothly from here on out. Our winter getaway is quickly coming to a close. We fly home Saturday but we’ve had a great seven weeks.

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