1 Dec – the last post

Every once in a while someone will ask me why I like long trips. 

I really hate airports! This is a part of travelling that’s gruelling for me. So that’s the answer to that question.

We’re on our way home. Yesterday we flew to Frankfurt via Lisbon from Marrakesh. We overnighted at a sterile airport hotel and are now back at the airport, checked in and awaiting the flight to Vancouver then onward to Comox.

So this is the last blog – thank you for joining us on our remarkable journeys across and around eight countries over the past three months. Pat and I walked 1000 kms while discovering  insights into various aspects of the lives of people we met, and perhaps more important – insights into our own lives.

I’ve enjoyed recapping our highlights and some of the more difficult experiences with you, and always appreciate your comments. 

5 thoughts on “1 Dec – the last post

  1. Well done you brave globetrotters. Kim it will be good to see you and I loved every blog – it came to life with your pictures too. Wow ! Wendy

  2. Hello Kim and Welcome home!

    How I admire your courage. Yes, the airports are gruelling indeed. Insights into our own lives? So fortunate we are here. Thanks so much for all your postings and your great sense of humour. Your endurance level is remarkable.


    Kate. >

  3. Kim. Thanks so much for sharing your travel news. It has been super interesting reading about all your adventures.
    Sending very best wishes for your home-coming and for the up-coming holiday season.

    Much love,

    Kate. xo

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