9 thoughts on “Pictures of the camel trek

  1. Oops, my computer just ate the reply I started, so forgive me if you get a repeat.
    I loved this latest adventure more than any of the others on this trip! Your descriptions were so vivid that I felt I was there with you , though I’d have preferred to be there in person. Your fabulous pictures accentuated what you’d written and made the whole experience come even more to life for us.
    I’ve just had a chance to catch up on your blogs, so I’ve also read about your latest Hamam experience….it sound as though you needed a thorough scrubbing down after all that sand!!!
    Your journey is nearing its end, so travel safe. I look forward to lots more stories and pictures of your trip!

  2. An amazing experience Kim. I second Joyce’s comment ..on living vicariously through you! are the camels relatively easy to handle? Are they comfortable to ride?

    • Hi Brenda, not that I’m an expert, but from my limited contact with three charming well trained camels – they are reasonably compliant to a gentle, firm hand. These guys needed assurance from Mohammad that I was an acceptable person. Once that was established they willingly came with me but as they got tired they needed a bit more encouragement to follow. As for getting them to kneel down and get up – there are certain motions and voice commands to which they respond. We had to get the hang of those subtleties before we got anywhere. Also I think the camels became more familiar with us so were more comfortable doing as we asked.
      Comfort while riding – depends on the saddle, the position of the blankets and if one sits fore or aft of the hump! In this particular case fore was not as easy or comfortable to ride as aft! Once well seated, a camel is as comfortable to ride as a horse but their gaits are different.

  3. Amazing pictures and wonderful descriptions, Kim. Can see where the turban is an essential piece of clothing. Your nomadic friends sounded delightful. Kudos to you three for undertaking such a once in a lifetime adventure!

    • Hi Leslie, perhaps Pat and I will have to give turban attire lessons when we get home! Do you think if we charged admission we could fund our next adventure? Haha – wrapping 4 metres of cloth around ones head is actually harder than it might look. We had the knack pretty dialled by the last day!

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