A day in Fes Morocco 

So far Fes is not as intense as we’d been led to believe. The sales pitches are ramped up, no doubt about it, but after places like Kathmandu and Istanbul – this is so far pretty tame. What is odd, is how rude some of the potential venders are. Completely unlike the cheeky fun Turkish venders, these guys seem to be at odds with shoppers. I don’t get it. Sure stops me from wanting to shop.

We were shown to a women’s carpet co-op (maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t). The man who told us about the carpets seemed pretty genuine (maybe) telling us the history etc. But we’re not completely stupid (which presumably he thought we were). Pat actually asked for a price on a carpet she liked several times and he refused to give it to her. Going on instead about how surprised we would be by the price. When we’d had enough and got up off our rather low couch where we’d been sitting in a row like three young school children – while he had stood in front of us flapping carpets down – he flipped out. How lacking in generously we were, how we’d wasted his time, and blah blah – the restaurant man who had shown us there actually told him to cool it.  

Being rather thick skinned mature women this is water off a duck’s back. But it has ensured a jaded response to all further possible “interludes.” For sure this is a cultural phenomenon – being horrendously rude to people who don’t buy – but really? You’d think these guys would realize not everyone buys a carpet!

We finally had a delicious meal! It was on a roof top terrace which provided a blast of sun and quiet. In the narrow lanes of the medina there is little sun and less quiet. And we’ve all bought leather purses. After an interesting visit to see a tannery. The tannery visit was similar to the carpet co-op visit. “This way to the tannery…” followed by a free visit, followed by whines and complaining when we didn’t buy anything from that place.

It’s almost time for breakfast so here’s a few pictures. The first of  the tannery where we were subjected to a lecture during which Jan was told, “Listen to me lady.” When she’d made a comment to Pat. Seriously! A great way to 100% ensure we’d not buy anything from that particular place! The second picture is of the lovely spice man from whom Pat and I bought some wonderful spices…He was polite and gentle.

4 thoughts on “A day in Fes Morocco 

  1. Hello Ladies,
    Your experiences in Fez sound like our experiences in Marakesh. Led to the tannery, etc. etc. I found the tannery pretty horrifying – what a horrible place to have to work. The medina mazes are something else. We got totally lost. But on the whole we really enjoyed Morocco,especially our trek in the Atlas Mountains. Enjoy the sun. Not much of it here on our “very wet” coast.
    Safe travels,

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