6 Nov – A day in Lisbon

Yesterday we travelled by train from Santiago to Lisbon. An uneventful if rather long day. It seemed a bit odd to wiz by all the places we’d walked through over the past 12 days in just a couple of hours.

Once in Lisbon we walked up through the steep narrow cobbled streets to our quant hostel. It is an odd place on the third and fourth floors of an apartment building of considerable age. Pat and I are in a bunk bed and Jan on a cot in a room smaller than some people’s walk in closets! But it’s our room! No boys! Shared washroom down the hall. A washing machine! Not bad internet…. All the comforts.

Today we rode the metro out to the bus depot to buy tickets for our onward to Algeciras tomorrow. Then after a long lunch – of Nepali food (I know weird but it’s Sunday so lots of places are closed) we rode the hop-on-hop-off bus around one of the loops. Saw lots of the city. This was followed by more food and wine….. All in all a very relaxed day!

So here are a few pictures before I join Pat and Jan in slumberland – ya I know – me awake after others are asleep. Thing is, they drank way more wine than I did!

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