4 Nov – Santiago

Well here we are. A rainy day off and on, but pleasant – not too warm. Our last 25kms. We got our credential stamp, have had dinner, are staying in a lovely hotel…..life is very good. 

Kinda tired – early morning train to catch so here’s a picture – will try a couple more – but Internet is poor….

3 thoughts on “4 Nov – Santiago

  1. Congratulations! I applaud your stamina!!! I’ve been able catch up on your blogs since getting back into the land of Internet. What fun to read about your adventures, even if it was after the fact. I’m amazed you didn’t change course during those early days in Albania…..I think I would have looked for a Greek island long before you did! I’m delighted that the last part of your journey has been much more pleasant…..good to end on a happy note. What are you doing for the next several weeks? I seem to remember that Kim, at least, isn’t due home until Dec. 1…….

  2. Congratulations, Ladies! Well done! You and some reading I have been doing about medieval Spain have inspired me and I am aiming to walk the Camino through France and northern Spain in fall, 2018.
    Looking forward to seeing you. When are you flying home?
    Love and hugs,

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