3 Nov – Padron Spain

Our second to last day of the Camino. So far it’s been the easiest long distance walk I’ve undertaken! Such pleasant soft country side, kind encouraging local people, friendly fellow walkers – two young girls from Italy not yet 20 are a bundle of laughs, a quiet German woman who is gorgeous and gentle, our Joe from Leon Spain, three young people from Barcelona, a delightful young woman from Athens Greece….these are a few we’ve walked with, chatted with, shared wine with. There are many others we’ve said brief hellos to as we’ve passed by. Everyone walks for their own reasons. Some are on spiritual pilgrimages with religious reasons, others are people seeking peace or answers to complex internal questions, others are just walking for the joy of the easy guided adventure. We are all however joined by this one path, and our shared experiences of the pilgrimage. There is tremendous comradery regardless of languages spoken or reasons for being here.

Our days have been sunny and warm. The beers at the end of each day have been cold and refreshing. Most of our meals have been pretty good, although Spanish cuisine seems to be rather lacking in vegetables. They seem to go for a lot of fried food of dubious quality in this part of the country. The other challenge of eating isn Spain is the national habit of dining at 9pm! Who stays up until 9 to eat after walking all day? Really! Beer is available 24 hrs a day though…..

Last night and tonight we are not staying in an Albergue! These places are not always conducive to a remotely comfortable night’s rest. Having said that, some are better than others. So bad experience – mixed gender dorm, single gender washrooms – sounds good yes?  Well here’s the real life scenario. Late arrivals who creat noise and such as they settle into their beds. Then men going into the women’s bathroom, lift seats, leave them up and piss all over everywhere. Sooooo not OK! Good experience – a huge mixed gender dorm with hardly anyone in it and female bathrooms not invaded by men! 

For these places we pay 6euros a night per bed. We go out for dinner. We go out for breakfast.

In the little hotels and pensions we pay a bit more per bed. But last night for instance we had a well equiped kitchen so Jan made a great dinner – with wine – that worked out to 3 euro each. Breakfast was included. Over all expense considerably less than staying in a massive dorm of uncomfortable bunk beds and noisy smelly boys! This evening we are staying in a cute little pension. We’ll have to go out for dinner as there are no cooking facilities but – wait for it – we have our own bathroom and – towels! Oh yes proper towels! 

Funny what things become important! Or are those things important? Don’t worry – no philosophical thoughts on dorms, towels and boys who can’t piss in the bowl…… Just a couple of statements about what I learn about myself when I travel. 

OK these picture managed to load themselves in the middle of that thought…….

 I don’t share my sleeping space nicely! (I like my privacy.)

I like hot water showers! I like a proper towel!

I don’t like dirty pissed on toilet seats!  

Cold beer makes every thing better!

On that note…..here’s a couple more pictures….

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