31 Oct – A very fine day.

We only walked about 17 kms today. A bit of recovery has been needed after yesterday! It took us ages to walk out of the huge urban sprawl we’d become sort of mired in as of about noon yesterday. Vigo is a large place and city walking really isn’t pleasant. The constant traffic noise. The exhaust. The dodging of people. The unrelenting pounding of feet against hot hard pavement. The constant search for the correct route. The frustrations when a Way Marker is missed because a delivery van was parked in front of it…..

But we finally made it into a more tranquil country-side and enjoyed about 6 kms of off road walking. Bliss!

This evening we are back in an Albergue. 14 beds in our room. A few other pilgrims. We are hoping for a few more as there is a group of Boy Scouts waiting to get in if there is room. We hope there will not be room! The building we are staying in is a reworked 16th century mansion in a beautiful old part of Redondela. There is a washing machine here – omg so wonderful! Here’s Pat under our laundry – happy days, and Pat in our dorm – so far all women – here’s hoping because Jan’s doing a great job sending the stinky guys into the room next door! 

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