27 Oct – a beautiful day by the beach

We had a glorious sunny warm walk today. Much of it on board walk along the Atlantic coast. So very nice to walk on the springy surface of a wood rather than the cobbles. Although we had a fair bit of the dreaded cobble too. We are now about 25 kms further north than we were this morning in a small town called Marinhas. Once again we are in a “by donation” Albergue. This one a nice old stone building. There’s  a large mixed gender bed dorm but only occupied by the three of us, a family of four on a year long trip from Belgium and “our” young Spanish man who was at last night’s hostel. All of us are Camino pilgrims as only pilgrims are permitted to stay in these places. As pilgims we have special credentials which we must get stamped along the route. It’s really quite a fun experience. The local people we meet are very keen to point the way and wish us a good pilgrimage. The way is also well marked with various yellow arrows and shell tiles as signs. Some are obvious, some are in funny partly hidden places but they are always there to guide us on our way. 

Here in Albergue S Miguel there is a kitchen, not well equiped like last night, but we have Jan and she works miricals in ill equiped kitchens. Here too is a washing machine! Oh wow. Pat and I have only had our clothes machine laundered once since we left home so this was an amazing luxury. We now have a rather frightening amount of laundry hanging on a drying rack. Hoping it’s dry by the morning. Back to the kitchen and Jan –  We’ve had a dinner of salad and chicken and a litre of wine for euros 4.00 each! Food here is so much less expensive than Greece or Turkey! And these albergues to stay in are also quite handy! So life is good. Here’s a few pictures from today.

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