12 Oct – The Golden Horn

Another day of rampant tourism! We used the second day of our Hop-on-Hop-off  bus ticket and rode around the Golden Horn Inlet. More great city scape, more mosques and Ottoman buildings. The city is immense. I think it has one of the biggest urban populations in the world. We didn’t hop off until the loop was complete. We then set off on a good city walk. This included walking across Galata Bridge, wandering the fish market, walking back across the New Metro Bridge and around the entire Sultanahmet point where the Golden Horn waters meet the Sea of Marmara, and back to our hotel! A good long walk.

And of course a coupe of funny anecdotes to share with you.

The sea wall along the Marmara is reclaimed land. Back in the day the city’s fortified walls were built right at the edge of the land. Today the old walls are skirted by some park, a wide very busy road, a sidewalk and sea wall and finally at the edge of the sea an exposed strip of huge black boulders. As we walked along we noticed numerous small walls – mini forts – built along the shore line in the boulders. These are hand piled shelters behind which men change to and from their bathing suits, lie basking in the sun, sip beer or fish. As the day was really warm, there were a lot of men about doing these things – fluttering about their nests just like a bunch of featherless ungainly shore birds. Or perhaps, as Pat put it – like seals or walruses. Thing is those creatures don’t make nests….. There were of course no women or any species to be seen.

The other funny of the day was a small gift we received. We met a group of Red Cresent (same as our Red Cross) workers who were giving out little dishes of sweet puddings in celebration of  a Muslim festivity. We accepted the gift, chatted and carried on. Later after dinner we decided to eat our desserts. Well – have you ever eaten something that consists of chick peas, white beans, bits of dried apricot, and raisins within a sweet gelatinous mass, covered with currents and coconut? I know, tres weird. We ate some of it but left quite a few beans. Beware the Turkish dessert.

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