10 Oct – Where’s Waldo?

Have you ever wondered who’s Waldo?

Here’s another puzzle for you…. where’re Kim and Pat? Here are your clues….

We hope to hear from you with your ideas. There will be a prize (really) for the first person to provide the correct answer.

10 thoughts on “10 Oct – Where’s Waldo?

  1. I think you are either in Alexandroupoli in Greece or more likely in Turkey ( wanting to get out of Greece) and are in Turkey on the Sea of Marmara and MOST LIKELY IN ISTANBUL. HAVE FUN. WHAT A HUGE ADVENTURE! Hugs, Joyce

    Joyce Relyea Phone: 250-339-4083


  2. You are in Istanbul, Turkey. #1 one of the many spice markets – Grand Bazar (?) #2 Back of the Royal Kitchens in the Palace #3 Breakfast on the rooftop of the Hotel Saruhan #4 Inside the main dome of the Blue Mosque.

    Grump >

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