4 Oct – oh my aching feet!

27 kms today on tarmac. A lot of it along a pretty busy highway. Hard work. My feet are really tired this evening. A throbbing, burning aching feeling – so I’m really glad to be sitting on the beach drinking a cold beer! The scenery was very pleasant. The highway runs along the shore. Sometimes almost beach level, sometimes around head lands – all scenic. Typically Mediterranean, red tiled roves, olive groves, vineyards, the shimmering sea. Sunny. More than a little bit warm! 

Of course we walked past many more closed places. But one open cafe as well where we had a rest and nice visit with the owners. Returned to their homeland from Australia. I’ve discovered frappes – yummy. A farmer harvesting his grapes gave us a bunch as we walked by. Pinot Grigio in the raw – right off the vine, warm, a tiny bit dusty and so delicious and sweet! Moments of joy on an otherwise fairly hard walk. It seemed longer than it was. I was dragging my feet by the time we got here.

A nice long cold beer now puts everything in perspective – after a soothing shower in a nice hotel room. Dinner soon to follow. Take my whine and shelve it. Pat and I know how lucky we are to be walking this walk with the privilege we enjoy.

So are you ready for another “Hey Pat” moment? If you don’t know what I’m talking about – read yesterday’s blog.

“Hey Pat – look at that military chopper!”

Pat scans the horizon and registers loud airborne noise baring down on us  – “Kim that would be five military choppers.”

We both wondered where they might be headed. We’ve read Greece and Turkey squabble a little over this region. Gee.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate the past couple of days. Look for the picnic beer. Note in this first picture the road side stand selling honey, wine and ouzo.

2 thoughts on “4 Oct – oh my aching feet!

  1. OMG – I just spent the last 2 hours with a lovely coffee (sorry Pat!) and read your blogs from start to now. “You’re a braver man than I am ………” I’m so sad to hear how Greece has fallen on such hard times – what a shame. You girls be careful out there – don’t look like a refugee in case they take you too !! Your stories are so well written that I feel I was along side. Not that I could even walk 10 kms !! Take care and be safe and Happy Thanksgiving on the 9th.

    • Hi there Wendy!
      We’ll do our best to keep up appearances and stay safe! Not bad coffee this morning. Pat went down to get it and we enjoyed it in bed no less! Luxury.
      Short walk today thank goodness – my feet still ache from yesterday’s pounding.

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