3 Oct – “Hey Pat!”

We walked 26 kms today – all of it on pavement. Hard on the legs and feet. But soooo good to be back on the trail again. Not actually “the” trail as we’ve abandoned  the official route in favour of one that takes us through places where we can secure accommodation. This is no easy task! We walked all day along the coast – the beautiful sunny Adriatic. Beaches stretching their golden sand off in both directions. Sea calm and warm and swimmable. Dozens and dozens of hotels in idilic settings – closed. Not just done for the season. These places have been closed for months or years. It was like walking through a post apocalyptic landscape. Desolate. Sad. Creepy.

The creepiness got us to thinking of some other odd moments on this trip so – not in chronological order – is a recap of some of our conversations.

“Hey Pat – Look a a horned viper!”

Pat does this crazy leap and hop across the road – “Stay away from the viper Kim!”

“Hey Pat – Look a band of nice stray dogs!”

Pat takes swift evasive action – “Kim those dogs aren’t playing, they’re chasing us!”

“Hey Pat – Look, I’ve carried a cold beer in my back pack for the past 12 kms!”

Pat’s eyes light up – “You’re not carrying it an other step. We’re drinking the damn thing right now even if it is only 11:30 in the morning.”

“Hey Pat – Look there’s a police man right here with riot gear on.”

Pat frowns – “He looks ridiculous smoking that e-cigarette.”

“Hey Pat – Are those war ships in the harbour?”

Pat looks askance -“What the f@#* Kim!”

Yup – it’s all true! 

4 thoughts on “3 Oct – “Hey Pat!”

  1. OMG Kim. I laughed so hard on this one! You ladies are so brave and your journey thus far is one I would consider only as a nightmare ( in other words, would not nor could not undertake it) but I’m happy for you both to be of ‘like mind’ in sharing this adventure.

    I’m enjoying reading your posts from the comfort of my cosy armchair with vodka pomegranate soda in hand while I contemplate the wide variety of dinner choices I have available in my cupboards and fridge.

    To hear your daily adventures is so interesting and I will choose to journey vicariously through your travels.

    I think I now understand how maggot came to be. I always knew where the one half came from and now I finally realize where the other half truly was.

    Happy trails ♥️

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    • So glad you’re enjoying our journey from the comfort of your arm chair. Seriously, despite the tribulations, we are enjoying the adventure too. It’s not really fun anymore but there is a grim satisfaction at the end of each day that we survived another and that we’re still laughing! Today’s distance is 50 kms to the next accommodation. A nice young man from our hotel here will drive us part way and drop us on the road at about the half way point. And so it goes. Each day offering its own set of obsticals but all surmountable one way of the other.

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