An interlude with El Capitan 

I forgot to tell you about this peculiar interlude from yesterday. How I managed to forget? Perhaps just needed to block the experience.

We were walking back from our exploration to points south. While passing this closed taverna and shop a voice from within a gate called out to us. Who were we? Where were we from? The usual banter. We decided it would be nice to buy a bit of this fellow’s home made wine – in the barrels at the front of his shop. He was keen but a female voice from deeper within the chaos of the shop said they were closed. This guy was not to be deterred so he opened the iron grill and invited us in for a drink. Well why not? It had been a longish hotish walk. Very soon we were seated in the otherwise empty restaurant and wine was poured. It was quite good. 

Then we were subjected to four volumes of his guest books. We were to read the entires attesting to his restaurant’s fabulous food. There were numerous positive comments. The wine done but the cover station getting weird (political), Pat brilliantly told the Captain – for indeed it was he who had invited us in – that we had an important meeting back in our village so we had to get a move on. It took some doing but we managed to manoeuvre our way out of there – with the promise – yes, I’m ashamed to say we lied – to come back for the best Mousaka in Greece the next day. Here’s a picture I took – Pat was cursing me – the Captain was absolutely sloshed on his home made ouzo and he was getting a huge kick out of hugging her. 

We escaped from the Captan’s clutches – literally with the realization that there is no way we risk walking in that direction gain!  This limits our walking options somewhat as there are only two ways out of our village!

4 thoughts on “An interlude with El Capitan 

  1. Hi Marianne. Indeed we do try to keep a weather eye out for drunk Greek men of a certain age and persuasion – but this guy – he kinda caught us unawares! We will be continuing east – spent most of this afternoon sorting out the next phases of travel. The plan is looking pretty good. We’re not going to spend too much more time labouring around in Greece. It really isn’t worth the agrivation. This is my sixth time here and until something changes very significantly it will be my last. I’m sorry for the hard working honest people of this country – but the place is simply devolving into a state of dysfunction that makes travel difficult and frankly – unpleasant.

  2. Loved the yoghurt in the coffee! I was thinking about the 8 day walk in Greece that Jerry and I were supposed to do after our Turkey trip that was cancelled and I wonder if we would have been disappointed with the state of affairs in Greece. But if you run out of ideas of where to go, you could go further south to the Pelion Peninsula, the peninsula north of Athens, check it out and let us know. You would cover our 8 days in two or three as we were walking only 12 to 15 kms per day. Anyway, best of luck with the next phase of your adventure. You have given the word “adventure” it’s true meaning!
    Glad to hear that contributions are coming in for MSF. It is very worthy organization doing critical work.
    Take care and arch out for more El Capitans!
    Love and hugs,

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