28 Sep – Lazing around in Torino

Nothing too much happening with us right now. The biggest excitement  was the yoghurt we put in our coffee this morning  thinking it was milk – not being too good with the Greek alphabet.

Our walk today wasn’t quite as we’d envisioned due to rocky headlands which interrupted the seemingly endless flow of sand. Also the sand was very soft and sinky. Really sloped steeply into the sea as well so quite difficult to walk on. We are pretty sure this is imported sand. Probably a good way to cover up the annual accumulation of cigaret butts?  Europeans seem to smoke like chimneys and they toss their butts everywhere.

Anyway, all was not lost in respect to today’s outing as we found a secluded corner of a mostly isolated beach. The water was blissfully warm. The picture of the clothes on the beach should give you an ample clue as to how we enjoyed – not walking – but a wee dip instead.


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