Day 24 – Via Egnatia – pictures in Thessaloniki

The food picture is part of our outstanding lunch today in a charming cafe run by a delightful young man who gave us a free beer because we had to wait a while to be served. The reason we had to wait is because we arrived before he was open. Now I’d like to know how many times you’ve been offered something for free for arriving before opening hours? 

The Roman archaeological site is about half a block from our hotel. We can see it from our balcony (so can you if you look carefully). The other pictures are all about the scale of amenities in our room. The tiniest  mini fridge on the planet – currently storing our wine. Our mini screen TV – but we have BBC so that is a positive! And the bathroom – hardly a room – WC – water closet? It’s smaller than the average closet. The shower is equally minuscule just to the right out of sight. 

2 thoughts on “Day 24 – Via Egnatia – pictures in Thessaloniki

  1. Ha ha – in a way they are. But in Nepal I pay about $1.00 for a room. What this room is costing us compared to others on this trip – this place should be a palace! Still it’s a room and that is something to be happy about for sure. Looking forward to breakfast.

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