Day 20 – Via Egnatia – high fashion 

The fist picture is me washing some grapes we picked up in a market this morning. The next three…. OK let me explain – the flys are sometime relentless. The fly up our noses and into our mouths and ears and get between our glasses and our eyes and pester and pester and buzz and buzz and tangle and buzz in our hair and buzz and nip and buzz and swarm and DRIVE US CRAZY – unless we cover up – and so here you see the fashion statement we’ve been saving to unveil at the right moment. Yes indeed we’ve walked more than a few kilometres so veiled. 

You might wonder why our scarves match. It is actually the same scarf aka fly veil. I thought I was going to loose Pat to a state of fly driven madness a few days ago so I cut my scarf in half! Plenty for us both! Besides now I have about 30 grams less weight to carry. And yes we can see through them fairly well. It’s a bit tricky on rough terrain though.

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