Day 14 – Via Egnatia  – garbage garbage everywhere! 

Seriously! We walked through so many garbage “dumps” today it took away a lot of the joy.

Our guide book has painted this section of the route as one of the most scenic. We disagree. It was very pretty between the garbage hanging in tree branches and piled along the route – but it was far from the scenic glories of the past several days.

We left our funny but pleasant Hotel L Royal in Carev Dvor with a packed lunch (two ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches each) and headed off. First town Sopotsko – where we bought bread and cheese for breakfast – horrid filthy little place. Continued along an unused road to Capari – equally grim, found the shop – full of smoke and drunk men. Bought two fantas and carried on. Found a deserted school yard – school windows all broken – for a lunch spot. This was advertised in our guide book as a possible place to stay over night! Are they kidding? The front steps were reasonably clean. Rested and fed we walked on to Rotino – past mounds and mounds of garbage. Just gross. It ruins the otherwise beautiful forest and pastoral landscape. Rotino was quite pretty but no shop or place to stay. We walked on and came to a flooded section of road. Boats off, wade, feet dried, boots back on. The thunder storm we’d been hearing in the distance moved much closer. On to Trnovo where we are spending the night at the first accommodation since leaving Hotel L Royal 25 kms ago! Now this place is very posh! Turns out it’s a ski resort. Our waiter drives snow cats in the winter and is a professional snow boarder. He knows his snow and he knows his wine. He’s boarded at Whistler. Go figure. And we got here just before the rain! 

A few pictures from today’s walk. We tried a dried red pepper dish with our dinner but it’s was a bit too crunchy so we went for black tomatoes (egg plant) and zucchini with our schnitzel instead. Delicious. Off to dreamland now. It’s 8:30! And I’m usually up later than Pat!

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