Day 13 – Via Egnatia

Our stay at St Petka Monastery last night was lovely. Our beds were small, but in such a spotlessly clean room…except for the wee mouse poops on the pillows. The place was very peaceful. There was a little kitchen we could use and assorted comfortable chairs to sit and read or in my case sit and snooze in. A dinning room table for our evening meal of bread and cheese and cucumber….and we found glasses for our wine. We wished we’d had more wine but frankly our packs were heavy enough lugging all that stuff up there. We were able to make coffee this morning be fore heading off on a pretty tough hike over the Galicica mountain range. We’d read about the vicious brush and over grown sections but it wasn’t nearly as bad as a section of trail we negotiated on our very first day back in Albania. We dressed ourselves in some fine fashion to engage the thorns and stinging nettles. Pictures included here for your amusement. These garments have been left hanging on a bush.

And now because WordPress is so random about where it drops pictures…. Here are a couple of pictures of our digs at the monastery. Back to today’s walk…….There was however some seriously tricky navigation. Our dear Gypsy decided she couldn’t see the satellites well enough through the the heavy tree cover so she took a wee break during a period where we had no trail to follow. Pat got out her trusty compass and led us straight to where Gypsy could once again do her magic. The real magic was that we ended up exactly where we were supposed to be. This was in very steep, rugged, treed terrain so – way to go Pat! Needless to say we were both pleased when gypsy could continue with her normal navigation! Much of today’s hike was either steeply up or in trees but some of it was in glorious subalpine and it was worth every step! Some of our best scenery so far on this trip.

We are now in an odd hotel just south of Resen. Friendly owners, nice meal. Cold beer. Very hot shower – oh that was soooooo nice! As usual we are almost comatose already and it’s just after 7pm! Our room looks like a Chinese laundry.

11 thoughts on “Day 13 – Via Egnatia

  1. Amazing pants and you go girls. Sorry I haven’t been in touch. All’s well on Seacliff. My sister Laurie and her husband are visiting. Going whale watching in Telegraph Cove tomorrow. Indian summer here….lovely. Regards.

  2. Definitely a fashion statement….such a sense of colour and style!😀 I’m very impressed with Pat’s compass skills… I know I could never have done that. I have my compass on my kayak, but it’s pretty much decoration.
    I leave the day after tomorrow on my Bhutan trip. Internet will be spotty, but I look forward to hearing from you while I’m away. I’m so glad your walk is becoming such a success and that you weren’t daunted by the beginning of your journey.

  3. Hi Kim. So enjoying keeping up with your adventures and Pat’s of course. Take care of yourselves. Your new clothing was colourful to say the least. Kate and i have booked to return Worthing at half term but we have to stay across the square at the Chatsworth as the Ardington was fully booked. We are meeting up with Mary and her husband and also going to book the i360 given your lovely pictures. It would be great to visit you next Summer if you are going to be at home and i won’t be a nuisance. Am good at gardening by the way! Let me know if you and Pat are planning to walk the South west coastal path as I will definitely join you both for the North Cornwalll section where mu husband was from and i know so well – it is beautiful! Lots of love. Speak when you get home. Love Liz

    • I got this one too and am so pleased you are going to visit next summer! We’ll have a great time. May or July or Sept generally the best months to visit. Most reliable weather – however the west coast is sometimes unreliable weather wise – a bit like the UK. Enjoy flying the i360!

  4. And things get better…just have to be as optimistic as you two! A compass – well done Pat. Past girl guides both?
    May the terrain be agreeable, weather pleasant, sleeps blissful, and views lovely…

    • Oh yes girl guides forever! Who knew those skills would come in so handy. It was amazing how accurate we were (Pat was) in plotting a course that put us exactly on the path! And consequences of not being accurate? We’d still be wandering around on that mountain.

  5. Are you two “fashionistas” or what! Looking at your photos the monastery seems to have offered your best digs so far. Lovely scenery. Rock on ladies!

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