Day 12 – Via Egnatia

We had a very relaxed day yesterday wandering around the old city of Ohrid. We visited a couple of churches to see ancient frescoes, climbed up the walls of the hill top fortress to admire the views, drank coffees, then beer, then wine at various out door cafes and bars by the water front. And we did a little shopping….. For clothes! “What,” you may ask, “are they thinking!” Well it’s like this… Tomorrow part of our walk is through thorny overgrown bush. It is reported to be horrendously prickly and dense. Our hiking clothes are expensive and the last time we bush whacked (in Albania) we sustained significant scratches and tears and were a bloody torn mess. So we’ve bought really cheap pants and long shirts to wear then discard after we’re done with this dreadful bit of the trail….. Pictures of our amazing outfits will follow and we are sure you will find our costumes amusing!

This morning we bought groceries…. For tonight’s dinner, (including wine of course) and tomorrow’s breakfast (including yoghurt) and lunch (including cucumbers, apples and cheese)… This evening we are going to stay at a monastery which offers beds – we hope – but no meals. This will mean tomorrow’s hike will be a shorter 22 kms of forest mountain hike instead of 27….. All part of our adventure. We are hoping for continued cool dry weather because once again our packs are heavy.  

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Via Egnatia

  1. Hi Kim. Have been trying to leave a message but not doing too well with this. Am enjoying keeping up with your and Pat’s adventures. Take cate both. Kate and her husband and i have booked to go to Worthing again at half term to meet with Mary and her husband. We are also going on the i360 given your lovely pictures. Nigel is going go buy us glasses of champagne if we do it! More later if the other posts have not comr yhrough. Love Liz xx

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