Day 10 – Via Egnatia – Ohrid

No rain today and while it is still mostly cloudy there are periods of blue sky and sun and the temperature is rising. Not as hot as previously thank goodness. We are enjoying not having to carry two kilos of water every day!

We had a short 13 km walk today which we completed in three hours. Not that anybody’s really paying attention. We are glad it wasn’t further because much of today’s walk was along a fairly busy road with no shoulders. It wasn’t that enjoyable. We stopped for lunch at our destination – the thriving bustling city of Ohrid. We are staying in a small hostel right by the main square beside the lake side promenade. There are hundreds of restaurants and they all seem to be doing brisk business. There are lots of tourists about. Mostly European but we did see two Americans. We’re staying at the edge of the old city which is really ancient and the new which is less than a couple hundred years old. Mosques with their graceful minarets and squat domed Orthodox churches cluster side by side. Pearls and silver are major commodities. Seems Lake Ohrid produces lots of fresh water pearls. Actually the lake is home to a special fish and there is a secret recipe used to make pearls from an emulsion created from the scales of that fish. The lake is supposed to be one of the world’s oldest and deepest lakes. There is also some good Macedonian wine to be tasted. We have small bottles from three wineries cooling in the hostel fridge (a 2013 Chardonnay from Bovin winery, a 2014 Cuvée from Dalvina winery, and a 2014 Rose from Alexandria winery) for later savouring.

We spent the afternoon wandering through the old town, walking the promenade, drinking beer by the lake, eating gelato as we wandered through the shopping streets. Tomorrow we will stay here as well. A rest day to give our feet and slightly weary legs a break. While it is tempting to push on, this is a long walk and we have just completed the first hundred kms.

Other than some pictures tomorrow, will likely not post for for a couple of days. We expect to be without Internet  at our next stop which is a monastery in the mountains. You should hear from us again on the 13th or 14th except for a few pictures I’ll post before we leave Ohrid.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Via Egnatia – Ohrid

  1. Hi Anne, We had a delicious sleep-in and have just finished breakfast and a wander through the Sunday market. Breakfast to the sounds of an Orthadox service from the nearby church. Also call to prayer from the mosque next door. Now off up the hill to explore the fort above town. Very nice to be wearing sandals and to be back pack free!

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