Day 9 – Via Egnatia – Macedonia

We crossed the border into Macedonia today. It was an easy 18 k walk. Mostly down hill or along  the shores of a lake. The rain held off most of the day too which was a nice change from yesterday’s deluge.

We are now in a very pleasant small city – Sturga. The difference between here and Albania is quite remarkable considering how close we are to the border. There is a greater sense of industry and purpose here. There are also more tourists. This town has several mosques and many of the women are dressed in long clothes and head coverings. The men of course are all dressed in tight jeans and other western styles. It is nice to be in a place where we can walk around without being stared at by bored men sitting around smoking and drinking. That was often the case in Albania where unemployment is very high.

We have a little apartment here so were able to have dinner “in” while we use a hair dryer to chase the damp from our boots.


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