2 thoughts on “Pics for 3 sep

  1. Hi Kim- The greatest laid plans….you both are travellers who indeed know how to “go with the flow” with all its highs and lows. Guide books – gotta love ’em and be open to plan B also! Not hot here – there’s a coolness that seems to be bidding in fall. We’re off to Nova Scotia on a house exchange next week. Enjoying reading about your meanderings! Leslie and Bruce

    • Hi Leslie,
      Flexibility is key for sure on these kinds of adventures! The only disappointment really is that we’d expected more contact with people in villages. Those we meet are friendly and smile and wave but we are seeing way less people in general than expected. Turns out this walk is way less popular than we’d understood it would be, therefore some people simply suggest we drive along the highway. They seem quite mystified. I’m spoiled I guess from travelling in Nepal where trekkers are part of the economy.
      Have a wonderful time in Nova Scotia. Fall colours should be fabulous!

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