Walks and rides around Brighton

My last day in the UK and it was a full one. Kindred and I took Rin on a morning walk. Then us two humans went down to the water front and rode the I360 which provided an excellent view for miles around.  Kindred showed me around some of the colourful narrow lanes of old Brighton. We enjoyed a late pub lunch then returned home to retrieve Rin. A drive through pretty county side, then another longer walk, which included a beer of course. Then off to a pub for dinner before Kindred and Rin dropped me at the airport. We walked about 20km today – a wee practice for things to come. Travelling about as part of an Irish Wolf Hound’s entourage provides endless photo opportunities. Clearly Rintrah has no problem being the centre of attention. He’s a very calm gentle dog so takes it all in his rather long stride.

So I now await my 11pm flight to Tirana. Horrid time to fly especially as I will arrive there at 3am tomorrow morning. So much for getting over jet lag!

Having trouble posting pics… Will try a few more on another post…


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