30 & 31 August – Albania

Pat and I have met up at our cute tiny Hotel Pepeto in central Durres. We are right next to the ancient Via Egnatia route which is today a modern busy thorough fare. We are a few metres from a Roman colosseum, a Venetian tower and an Ancient Greek temple. We are also next to a lovely mosque from which a resonant call to prayer issues at about 5:30 in the morning.

We like Durres. It is quite cosmopolitan but also understated. There is much evidence of the communist era of hideous buildings. Some buildings are abandoned shells, unfinished due to economic hard times. There are hundreds of coffee shops which sell coffee but no food. These shops seem to be very popular with men who smoke and young people. In the evening families come out in droves to wander along the busy streets. Men sit about and smoke in the mornings. Women sit about and chat and watch the goings on in the evenings.

The beer is good. The wine – local – is strong and better with food than as a solo act.

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