Fairwells and greetings

Today Kate, Liz, Mary, Mag, Mell and I said our farewells amid promises to stay in touch. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful reunion. Shared laughs, memories, stories and even a few tears. 46 years fell away with the greatest of ease. While our days at Combe Bank are distant memories, we now have new ones with which we’ve rekindled our friendships.

Here’s a “then and now” pair of pictures – have we changed much? I don’t really think so!

Mary standing behind Kate, Mag, Mel, and Liz

In the afternoon I caught a train to Brighton where Sally’s son Kindred and his beautiful Irish Wold Hound, Rintrah met me at the station. We’ve enjoyed a dog walk, excellent fish and chips and at the moment there is an impressive fireworks display taking place which I’m watching from an upstairs window in Kindred’s very cool multi floored home. Another full day of fun in the UK comes to a close.

Good night from the sunny south coast.

4 thoughts on “Fairwells and greetings

    • Isn’t he something else! So many people stop and ask about him. At the train station people were also asking to have their picture taken with him. He’s the most gentle creature too. Rintrah has certain pubs he enjoys and they frequently go pubbing together. The UK is so much more sensible about the human/dog relationship than we are at home. Over here, dogs are welcome to go out with their families.

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