Reunion after 46 years

I’m in the UK, on the south coast, in Worthing. There are six of us – Magdalen, Melanie, Mary (Shrimp), Kate, Liz and slightly jet lagged me.

It was Liz who searched for me on line last year, found me, and sent an email asking if I was the Kim who went to Combe Bank school in 1968 through 1970…… ‘Twas I. So here we are together again. Remembering, and catching up. While several of us have seen each other over the past years, this is the first time we’ve all been together since those long gone school days. The last time I saw Mag and Mel was in 1973 after high school graduation.

By the way, despite the horrors of dealing with Air Canada’s abysmal – non existent – customer service before leaving home….the flight was a pleasant surprise. The on board amenities were excellent. Constant access to water, good meal, attentive flight attendants. A pleasant surprise.

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