A King’s pavilion by the seaside

A glorious warm sunny day. I think this is the first time I’ve visited Brighton in other than drizzle and cold fog!

We hopped on the double decker bus – sat up at the front on the top of course – and rode into Brighton for the day. We explored the fanciful Brighton Pavilion at length, walked along the seaside promenade, rode the carrousel, and had tea (twice) before taking the bus back here to Worthing.

4 thoughts on “A King’s pavilion by the seaside

    • Hi Richard, indeed I’m sorry also that we didn’t get to meet. It has been an amazing and wonderful experience rekindling friendships and catching up on each other’s lives. Shrimp actually left Combe Bank before I did, when she went to New Zealand. It’s quite remarkable that we were all able to get together again as we just have! Thank you for sharing dear Mary with us! I hope you enjoy the blog. And who knows – our paths could well cross. My dad and I are cruising in China together next year. I do all kinds of travel. While I love my adventures, I also enjoy variety! I don’t mind roughing it now and again, but a bit of comfort and luxury – well nothing wrong with that either! Very easy to get used to in fact!

    • Hi Anne, we had incredible weather. Quite hot as well as sunny. As for the reunion. It was fabulous. So much time has passed and so much water under our individual bridges and there we all were chatting and sharing stories – many similar experiences. Kate has lived in Nepal for four years, two of us are widows, Mel and her husband are avid travellers and will be in Vancouver in September…… And so on. I’m now with Sally’s son Kindred and his beautiful Irish wolf hound Rintrah – we’re off to dinner at a local pub in a moment and tomorrow I try my hand at clay sculpturing!

  1. Hi Kim

    Mary passed your blog over to me so I could see what you all got up to in that wicked Metropolis, Brighton. It’s not called “Old Ocean’s Bauble” for nothing.
    I jest of course, and it has been a great pleasure to see how happy you all looked. I’m delighted that Mary has enjoyed a great time with you and will have lots of memories, so thank you all for that.
    Sadly I couldn’t meet you all, but Kim, we can exchange a friendly wave whilst you explore the remoter regions of our planet, and we go on one of our cruises.
    Best Regards
    Richard (King)
    aka Shrimp’s Husband!

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