Walks and rides around Brighton

My last day in the UK and it was a full one. Kindred and I took Rin on a morning walk. Then us two humans went down to the water front and rode the I360 which provided an excellent view for miles around. ¬†Kindred showed me around some of the colourful narrow lanes of old Brighton. We enjoyed a late pub lunch then returned home to retrieve Rin. A drive through pretty county side, then another longer walk, which included a beer of course. Then off to a pub for dinner before Kindred and Rin dropped me at the airport. We walked about 20km today – a wee practice for things to come. Travelling about as part of an Irish Wolf Hound’s entourage provides endless photo opportunities. Clearly Rintrah has no problem being the centre of attention. He’s a very calm gentle dog so takes it all in his rather long stride.

So I now await my 11pm flight to Tirana. Horrid time to fly especially as I will arrive there at 3am tomorrow morning. So much for getting over jet lag!

Having trouble posting pics… Will try a few more on another post…


Walks and pubs with an Irish Wolf Hound

My last two blogs have disappeared into the mysterious world of lost blogs. So a quick recap as the Internet here is impossible. Last day in Brighton Kindred and I took a couple of lovely walks with Rintrah. Walks in the UK include pub stops. Being as this is the UK and people here actually like their dogs – pub stops always include Rin! He’s a show stopper for sure! Kindred and I also rode the I360 which is pretty cool and offers a fabulous view up and down the coast and across the downs north of Brighton.

Portraits and walks

I’ve had yet another full and interesting day. I dealt with the last of my jet lag by having a lie in and not accompanying Kindred and Rintrah on their early walk. After breakfast came my introduction to the fascinating world of clay portraiture. A beautiful woman named Jenny showed up, she’s the proffesional model. Jim arrived, he’s one of the artists. Kindred has a stunning studio that occupies the entire upper level of his four story house. The clay busts were set upon their pedestals. The model Jenny sat upon her revolving seat. The fun began. Now Jim and Kindred are accomplished in this art form and created wonderful likenesses. Me not so much, but I had a fine time none the less. I also created a clay partaite of Rintrah. He seemed to feel he should eat whatever it was. Thankfully I escaped back to the loft studio with my clay blob “Rintrah” still in hand. After lunch – yes all that was before lunch – Kindred, Rhintra and I went for a beautiful walk on Devil’s Dyke. This is an interesting geological formation marking the southern reaches of the Downs. Views were fantastic. Beer at the pub where we walked to – most welcome. Back to Kindred’s for a Skype with Sally and a delicious dinner. Kindred is now out giving His Highness his last walk of the day….. I’m off to bed for my last sleep in the UK. Tomorrow evening I head off for Albania.

Now today I learned something quite interesting. You know how people sometimes say (most rudely) that they might go ¬†“take a crap” or ¬†“go to the crapper”…..hold on now, don’t get you knickers in a twist… There’s a really good reason for this crass terminology and here it is…

Yes indeed, Mr Crapper’s valveless waste preventer. Known in some circles as a toilet. Couldn’t resist sharing this revelation with you. And on that note I shall go bush my teeth at that cute littler crapper sink and…..

Good night from Brighton.

Fairwells and greetings

Today Kate, Liz, Mary, Mag, Mell and I said our farewells amid promises to stay in touch. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful reunion. Shared laughs, memories, stories and even a few tears. 46 years fell away with the greatest of ease. While our days at Combe Bank are distant memories, we now have new ones with which we’ve rekindled our friendships.

Here’s a “then and now” pair of pictures – have we changed much? I don’t really think so!

Mary standing behind Kate, Mag, Mel, and Liz

In the afternoon I caught a train to Brighton where Sally’s son Kindred and his beautiful Irish Wold Hound, Rintrah met me at the station. We’ve enjoyed a dog walk, excellent fish and chips and at the moment there is an impressive fireworks display taking place which I’m watching from an upstairs window in Kindred’s very cool multi floored home. Another full day of fun in the UK comes to a close.

Good night from the sunny south coast.

A King’s pavilion by the seaside

A glorious warm sunny day. I think this is the first time I’ve visited Brighton in other than drizzle and cold fog!

We hopped on the double decker bus – sat up at the front on the top of course – and rode into Brighton for the day. We explored the fanciful Brighton Pavilion at length, walked along the seaside promenade, rode the carrousel, and had tea (twice) before taking the bus back here to Worthing.

Reunion after 46 years

I’m in the UK, on the south coast, in Worthing. There are six of us – Magdalen, Melanie, Mary (Shrimp), Kate, Liz and slightly jet lagged me.

It was Liz who searched for me on line last year, found me, and sent an email asking if I was the Kim who went to Combe Bank school in 1968 through 1970…… ‘Twas I. So here we are together again. Remembering, and catching up. While several of us have seen each other over the past years, this is the first time we’ve all been together since those long gone school days. The last time I saw Mag and Mel was in 1973 after high school graduation.

By the way, despite the horrors of dealing with Air Canada’s abysmal – non existent – customer service before leaving home….the flight was a pleasant surprise. The on board amenities were excellent. Constant access to water, good meal, attentive flight attendants. A pleasant surprise.