Shake rattle and roll

Here’s a moment to record. The earth is moving. My room is on the top floor of my hotel and I feel like I’m on a rocking boat. The curtains are swaying quite dramatically. There’s an odd rumbling noise which I don’t think is trucks roaring down a highway. Presumably the entire building is doing a little jig. Power is still on. 

Have stuffed camera, money and pass port into a bag……..just in case things get a bit more exciting but all is stilling now. Much less movement. Nothing like writing a wee blog while deciding if something is worth getting worried about or not. Or will get more intense or not. Much easier than trotting down five flights of stairs and then having to trot back up again. This is the second time Kathmandu has had a “significant” shake in less than a week. I’m not actually sure that people here would even consider this as significant. I think if no buildings fall down it’s in the realm of hardly noticeable. Frequent shakes have been situation normal for Kathmandu this past year. Judging from the sound of traffic and general city noise, no one has bated an eye. So I’ll be calm and go to bed. 

So just found out that the epicentre was far away in Burma (Myramar) and was either a 6.9 or a 7. So nothing to loose a night’s sleep over…. But just in case this little wobble makes the news at home…… All is well. Hotel Florid stands firm and the curtains are still once again. Didi is going to bed, with my shoes right beside it.

Good night from Kathmandu.

8 thoughts on “Shake rattle and roll

    • HI Karin, yes I think it will be good to be home. While I always find the transition difficult, I’m looking forward to planting my garden. Have gifts for you, me and Heather from Homan. I’d like to meet Heather so hope we three can get together….. Yes the shaking of Hotel Florid was a bit un-nerving at first but I quickly realized this was such an understatement in terms of what this city is used to it hardly measured in anyone’s consciousness. When I mentioned it to Tendi he laughed – that was not an earthquake he assured me – that was just a small shudder from a quake far away. I’m in Hong Kong now and catching up a bit on the world news. Shaking of a more serious nature in Equador and Japan. Not to mention the horrors of US politics. It’s been nice to have been out of the loop so to speak. See you in a day or two. Perhaps you can sort out a time when you and Heather are both available within the next week? Will be home before I leave here! Who said time travel was science fiction.

  1. Sounds like B.C.! Holy crap Kim – 2 major happenings in one week – Don’t go in tall buildings or ride a bus – have a safe trip home – love your blog and pictures, altho your descriptive passages said it all. May Tendi and company live long and prosper. Happy Trails – “82 !

    • Hi there Wendy.mseeing as I live on the top floor of my hotel the avoiding of tall buildings is a bit tricky – but it’s a well built place. As for busses. I’ve had enough scary local bus rides in this country to not be keen on courting trouble. Been there done that! Have a couple of pretty chill days to continue enjoying the stuff I love about Kathmandu. Shopping! Sight seeing! Eating memos! All fairly safe activities! See you soon, 82 to you too!

  2. Great descriptive writing Kim.The adventure never ends….. but the shake rattle and roll must have been a bit unnerving to say the least. We look forward to your return.. Safe journey home.

    • Good morning Brenda. Mild shakes are so common here these days that in the morning there were just a few comments. No one was concerned as the epicentre was so far away. Nothing fell down, no one was hurt. It actually didn’t feel too much different from the larger ones we get on the island now and then – but honestly being on the top floor in a skinny tall hotel in Kathmandu did give me pause for a minute or two.

  3. been eagerly following your blog Kim. What an adventure you have had! and you must be in absolutely awesome shape! what a tragic story about the 24 lives lost in the bus crash. If that had been in many other parts of the world it would have been headline news. Enjoy your last couple of days in Kathmandu & looking forward to seeing you soon.

    • Hi there Kathy. Good to hear from you. You’re right, with all the goings on in the world, yet another bus accident in Nepal is unlikely to generate any interest – unless there were foreign tourists onboard of course. Ya, I’ve finally recovered from my over eating under exerciseing debauchery of last year’s fun times in Greece. Good to be leaner and stronger again. See you soon!

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