Crossing Renjo La


Well I tried a few pictures but they seem to only load one by one……so this is me and Tendi coming down into Thame Valley after crossing the pass which is up there in those jagged peaks behind us.

3 thoughts on “Crossing Renjo La

  1. Hi Kim, We are happily tucked in at our Malcolm Island home. Drove up today, a beautiful drive in sunny spring weather. Reading your Gokyo adventures with great interest. Of course you would go out via Thame. As we went in that way, I had not considered that you would go out that way. I have a love/hate with Renjo La as it was at its Thame base that I got sick and had to turn back. Anyway, glad you found the Gokyo Valley as beautiful as I did. Did you visit the monastery in Thame? See you after April 24. Love, Marianne

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    • Hi Marianne, hope you’re both enjoying the small island! I had forgotten where it was where you got ill. Taking on Renjo from the west is considered a mistake by local guides here. Elevation gain too much too quick. That’s why we did it from east to west. More stopping places to acclimatize on the way up and not such a grind to get over it as Gokyo is higher than Lungdhen. We hightailed it straight to Namche from Lungdhen and just stopped in Thame for lunch so missed that Gompa. Have seen quite a few though in various other places. I love hearing Puja echoing across the valleys. See you soon.

  2. stunningly beautiful Kim. you are one tough lady! I could only agree with you regarding your thoughts on Conguering Everest. The audacity of our human hubris!

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