No pictures coming anytime soon and a slight change of plan

 Despite numerous tries in the middle of the night – the Internet is too slow to upload even one picture. I have three bars so a good connection – but it just isn’t going to happen.

I realize that I haven’t introduced you to the “we” of this trip – a change from the normal “I” of my travels. Friends are traveling with me for the first part of the journey. Rupert (who Mike and I bought West Coast Expeditions from), Wai Ling and their children Ethan aged 15  and Emma aged 13 are with me for this first week. They are seasoned travelers so are embracing Kathmandu with understanding hearts and open arms. It’s been a joy showing them some of the highlights. Seeing the damaged sites, and blank spaces, and neet piles of rubble beside neet piles of new bricks is difficult and not overly picturesque, but it is the reality of  this point in the city’s history. Like me, they realize that tourists are part of the recovery process. Our spending and bearing witness is needed to help get this place back up on its feet. 

I’m so much looking forward to the nine hour road trip beginning in a few short hours, the village of Khamding where we are headed, then the trek…. Into clean, hopefully clear, air and grand Himalayan peaks.

The trek…. Tendi has a plan. Where have you heard that before! We are going to deviate somewhat from the itinerary I sent you….. Going on a higher route – about 4000m – and into a more remote area. But we’ll end up in Junbeshi on the same day as previously scheduled…… Let the adventure begin. Now just a bit more sleep I hope. 3am is just way too early to be wide awake.




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