Hong Kong airport

What a long long 12 something hours!I was so happy to stagger off the plane in Hong Kong this morning. Headed straight for the pay by the hour bed and showed place. (By gate number 1 in case you’re ever interested in the relief of horizontal quiet space!)

Spent yesterday afternoon and evening with my sister-in-law Carol and friend Adele. After dinner we went for a drive out to Steveston. I’d never been out there and it sure is a pretty area along the Fraser river. Historic buildings nicely blended with new  (mostly condos) and a charm about the brightly painted restored small clap board buildings.  Most of these of course now cater to the tourist industry, but once were the result of a brisk ship yard and cannery. Well worth a dirive out there. Now that drive was pretty funny…. Was Steveston off number one or two or three road? Carol and Adel couldn’t quite remember so we drove up and down them all and along about every connecting road as well. We discovered Dyke road along the Fraser and several others. Rich farm land is boardered by older farm houses and mansions the size of European palaces. Some places quite tastefull and grand, others simply big and hideous. Some of the worst architecture I’ve ever seen! The sole purpose of several of the places we toured by must just to be bigger and uglier than the one next door or across the street. “Keeping up with the Jone’s” run seriously amuck!

Im now fortified by a horizontal five hour sleep and a Chinese breakfast of all sorts of odd steamed things – well I recognize most of the veggies – and I’m ready for the next flight. Shorter thank goodness. In just under nine hours I should be landing in Kathmandu. You know I’m smiling just thinking about it! Till then……..a bit of a stretch wandering around the airport to while away a few more hours in Hong Kong.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong airport

  1. Good to know the sun is shinning there. Here too. Sitting outside at 7:15 am with light jacket on. Not bad! Now for a full day of site seeing bliss – and a bit of shopping too no doubt.

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