Ready to roll – returning to Nepal. Where I’m headed and when….

T’is the night before I head off to Nepal. My bags are packed, boarding passes are printed….. I’m ready for this next adventure. But first some info for those of you who worry that I may disappear into the unknown should a calamity arise. Many of you were justifiably  worried about my safety and whereabouts during the October 2014 storm, and subsequent avalanches. You knew I was in the vicinity but had no specifics because I’d not thought to provide anyone with that kind of detail. I mean really – how boring! So this evening I’m giving you my trek itinerary. If a natural disaster strikes, you’ll have a good idea of where I intend to be. Hopefully there will be no need for concern this time round. So as dull as this post is – it’s here for future reference should the need arise. Should there be need – as in emergency – I can be contacted through Binod Mahat of

19 March – touristing around Kathmandu. Staying at Hotel Florid.

20 March – driving by jeep to Khamding in the Khumbu region of Nepal.

21 March – hanging out in Khamding

22 March – trekking to Salleri

23 March – trekking to Junbeshi

24 March – day hiking in Junbeshi area

25 March – trekking to Nunthala

26 March – trekking to Bupsa

27 March – trekking to Chheplung

28 March – trekking to Monjo

29 March – trekking to Namche 3440m

30 March – acclimating in Namche

31 March – trekking to Phortse Thenga

1 April – trekking to Dhole

2 April – trekking to Machhermo

3 April – trekking to Gokyo 4750m

4 April – day hiking to Thonak Tsho and Ngozumpa Tsho 4990m

5 April – hike up Gokyo Ri  5360m (highest elevation) then trekking across glacier to Thangna Kharka (Dragnag)

6 April – trekking to Phortse

7 April – trekking to Khumjung

8 April – trekking to Phakding

9 April – trekking to Surkhe

10 April – trekking to Bupsa

11 April – trekking to Nunthala

12 April – trekking to Salleri

13 April – trekking to Khamding

14 April – day in Khamding

15 April – travel back to Kathmandu by jeep

16 April – mad shopping spree in Kathmandu and start the long trip home.

17 April – I’ll be home.

I’m looking forward to sharing the coming adventure with you. Internet will be unreliable and not available in many places. I’ve just now learned how to copy and paste off line missives into online blogs with my iPad key board. Interesting skill set. Gentle tap tap tapping required. Who knew. So here’s hoping you will get some dispatches from various places along the route. They may well come in batches. Always best to read from the bottom up!

Best way to chat with me is to comment on the blog, remembering that this is an open forum read by many people. Please keep any emails really short with no attachments.

Good night.

4 thoughts on “Ready to roll – returning to Nepal. Where I’m headed and when….

  1. Thanks a bunch Kim.  Really appreciate knowing in advance your itinerary…….and No it is not boring! I am envious and wishing you a safe journey. Brenda

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