9 November – more wonders in Barcelona

our second stop of the day and coincidentally the last tourist site on this trip. Turns out  we need to head to the airport this morning instead of this afternoon – we aren’t finished with Barcelona but have to leave regardless.

Have you heard of the cathedral Sagrada Familia? It is still under construction but even so it is the most stunning cathedral I’ve ever entered. Not to boast but I’ve been in quite a few – some of the finest in the world. This place had such a profound impact that both dad and I were moved to tears. We weren’t the only ones. I gather this is a common occurrence as the beauty is so over whelming.

I’m a bit pushed for time – dad is doing his final pack – well random dumping of clothes into his suit case.

Without further chatter – may I present – the glorious- Sagrada Familia….


I leave you with whatever emotions these pictures may invoke. We are off to the airport soon. Thank you for sharing this trip with Dad and  me. A special thanks to those of you who provided feed back.  It’s always nice to know I’m chatting with someone. See you soon.

4 thoughts on “9 November – more wonders in Barcelona

  1. Hi Kate, so glad you’ve enjoyed coming along with us! That really sucks about water in the basement. I hope you didn’t have too many treasures down there. I’m hoping my stream is flowing within its banks! If not my house may have floated away somewhere! Will let you know when dad will be in the Valley and let’s all get together.

  2. Hello Kim.

    It’s been wonderful following your adventures and your comments, especially with your sense of humour. The photographs were all very good. And taking the time to keep up with letting us all in on what’s happening where you are. From laborious trekking, to the cruise ship saga. Do you ever get tired? Thank you so much.

    I hope you will be happy to get home and prepare your lovely home for Christmas.

    I am well, even tho’ Ive been fighting a flood in the basement for the last 10 days or so. I’ve sent you my newsletter so you’ll find out what’s on my mind these days.

    Love and best wishes from

    Kate. xo

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