Barcelona – the requisite four, no more pictures

The roof – chimney and water tank room of Gaudi’s Casa Batllo – fantastic fantasy….

The light well in the middle of the building. The blue tile gives the light an underwater quality. We’re going to be seeing more Gaudi’s master pieces tomorrow.

Looking up at the imposing Art Museum…. While I was waiting to take this picture, a young Asian man was  busy standing dead centre, combing his hair, smoothing his clothes, checking his teeth, preening like a wee peacock. Then he took no less than eight selfies. He seemed oblivious to his audience, others like me who were interested in capturing this scene not the theatrics of an egotistical little man……

Our lunch time view from the terrace in front of the art museum. As you can see others were also admiring the view, but not so much that pair using one of those awful selfie sticks. That couple walked up, turned their backs on the view, took pictures of themselves in it and left. They didn’t pause to look. By the way  I forgot to mention that selfie sticks are not allowed in the oceanographic museum in Monte Carlo. Banned outright. Need to be left outside. 

Dad and I are both very happy we gave ourselves three extra days here. This is a massive city with a great deal to see and do. We’ll do our best to scratch the surface!

2 thoughts on “Barcelona – the requisite four, no more pictures

  1. Hi there Kim,
    I went to google for info on the little poopers -It dates back to the 1700s, when a peasant farmer version of the squatting statues began popping up in Christmas nativity scenes across the region of Catalonia, alongside the usual reverent medley of wise men, shepherds and baby Jesus.
    He was christened “El Caganer,” which translates most politely as “the defecator.”
    The neat pile of poop beneath him is considered a sign of fertility and good fortune.
    Although debate continues as to exactly why, one theory dating back to the 18th century explains that peasant farmers who couldn’t afford fertilizer fashioned a do-it-yourself approach to soil improvement, dropping their own fertilizer bombs across their fields each day.
    Plentiful poop meant plentiful crops — and pretty soon the act became a good-luck charm in statue form.
    So, given that, you may want to buy yourself a statue – for the sake a bountiful crop next year!
    Enjoy your remaining time in amazing Barcelona & safe journey home.

    • Hi Kathy, Yes indeed, we’ve been given several versions more or less confirming Aunty Google’s explanation. If I had a square inch in this suit case I might be tempted to bring one home. Fertility of one’s soil being important. But I actually find these little poopers a bit creepy. I might cave at the airport. Want one?

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