7 December – Barcelona, our last day on Viking Star

Oh who knew I’d love this trip so much! And I have enjoyed it immensely! We had our last lollipop tour today. Wandering around the very narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Our hotel is in this area, we did not see it. I’m really glad we had this orientation with a guide as I had absolutely no idea where we where for most of the time! We had some free time at an insanely busy Chrismas market. Now in this area there is a strange phenomena. Little poopers. Yes – people here seem obsessed with wee and not so wee statues of guys wearing red hats, pants down, squatting and pooping. Bare bums and poop all part of the statuary. The reason for this peculiar attraction escapes me. It has something to do with the circle of food production…… You can figure that cycle out for yourselves. What is grown is consumed, what is consumed is – pooped. Presumably this is cause for celebration around here. So along with one’s manger statuary acquisitions one should also purchase a little pooper. The poopers seem to be included in the public manger arrangements, and  judging from the Christmas market the poopers are an integral part of this ornamentation in people’s homes as well. Three kings, baby Jesus and the pooper. 

We visited a grand gothic cathedral. We drove around town and saw a few of Gaudi’s architectural wonders. Toured through a marvellous farmers market. All a taste of what dad and I will enjoy on our own over the next three days.

Back on board we packed. No – I packed. Dad doesn’t do these things in advance. We need to be out of our cabin at 8am tomorrow – he plans to pack in the morning. Must be a guy thing! Dinner this evening followed our last forensic anthropology lecture. I’ll be visiting the presenter – Margaret Cox – when I’m in the UK next August. We’ve discovered so many things to talk about. Our last dinner was delicious, as was the wine….. We’ve said good bye and thank you to some of the numerous crew members who have contributed to a fabulous voyage.

So for now. Good night from the Viking Star. Will update you on our explorations of Barcelona from shore tomorrow.

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