6 December – Toulon France

Dad and I aren’t really sure why we are here. We think it may be that it is a convenient and perhaps necessary stop between Monaco and Barcelona. Toulon – compared to the other incredible places on this journey – has  little (nothing?) to offer. Never the less we’ve spent a day here and it was ….. well – it was a day. Our lollipop tour took us through a vibrant farmer’s market. Past a cathedral. Through several squares with fountains and statues…. We took a boat tour of the harbour. Yes, the same harbour we sailed through upon our arrival. We think the boat tour idea was an act of desperation to keep us occupied. The only difference was that this time we had someone saying look at this old fort and that older fort. Also we were on rather basic seats in the open air rather than the extremely comfortable confines of our ship’s cabins, lounges and dinning rooms. It so happens that Toulon is the largest military naval base in France. But as most of the ships are else where due to the ISIS attack in Paris, we saw where the navy normally hangs out, but not where it is currently, thus saw a lot of nothing. 

After being freed from the harbour boat tour and the lollipop, dad and I walked back to the Christmas market in town. (We had been herded by earlier while on tour)  This provided some interesting photographic moments. The cutest carousel ever – a rotating Christmas tree – children ride in the decorations….round and round. White stuff covering Christmas trees,  surrounded by the local Palm trees – a bit odd. Despite Toulon being generally underwhelming – we enjoyed the day. I picked up a very unique neck lace watch at the market. We had an entertaining time practising our french.

Dad and I had a tour of the ship’s bridge this afternoon which was very interesting – this ship has every mod con one could imagine and more. The ship can be controlled by an itsybitsy  joy stick – or several other methods. Along with the numerous electronic gadgets there are real paper charts! Yes – my kayaking friends – just like what we use! (For my friends who sailed on that dreadful “Oasis of the Seas” travesty of a ship – no, we did not have to pay extra for the privilege of visiting the bridge. We just needed to ask.) 

This evening we had dinner with a couple we’ve talked to a fair bit – originally from Hawaii – now living in California. We had some good chuckles about typical (ugly) American’s. They love Rick Mercer. Need I say more! 

On that note tis time for me to get shut eye so I’m bright eyed for our last shore excursion in the morning. We will wake in Barcelona. Sadly this will be our last port of call. I’ve become very fond of the luxury! Real life might be hard to get used to!

Pictures of Toulon to follow….. Tomorrow. Good night from somewhere in the Mediterranean between Toulon and Barcelona.

4 thoughts on “6 December – Toulon France

  1. Hi Judith we fly on 10 Dec. dad tells me that’s Wednesday. So we’ll miss being on the same flight – would have been funny though. Hope your last cruise days go well. Dad has enjoyed your blogs very much. He’s eternally great fun we were on a Viking ship, and not with Oceana. Barcelona today without the lollipop was stellar!

  2. Bon voyage, Kim, as you take your flight home. We have loved reading your blogs and we share everything you have to say about WordPress. Like you, a combination of the app and ship’s internet is enough to drive you mad! When we opened our email this morning we had another raft of notifications from BC Ferries about cancellations due to weather – even on the main routes – so we hope your return will bring better weather to the Valley. The weather in England where we land (not from the ship but from ship and then plane) on Thursday has been equally dreadful. Our tickets for wandering round Kew Gardens in the dark to see the Christmas lights seem a bit unwise when we read the news! Do give our love to Daisy if you encounter her on Seacliff.
    Judith and Philip

    • Safe journey home to you too! Can’t wait to get together over a good bottle of wine and debrief our respective cruises! And share stories likely not printable in this public forum! Will give Daisy a hug if I get to see her!

      • Kim, I now realize you are staying on in Barcelona when I thought you were going straight home. When do you fly home? We fly Sunday – it would be funny if we were on the same plane!

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