4 December – Leaning in Pisa

I forgot to mention that yesterday (in Rome) was cloudy and a fair bit cooler. Comfortable with hat and coat but definitely the temps are getting more towards seasonable.

Today also was cloudy and cool, no rain though, for our visit to Pisa. Compared  to yesterday this seemed like a very short outing as we were back on the ship by early afternoon. This is the norm. Dad and I like going on the earlier buses as that leaves more time for  free exploration after following the lollipop. Today unfortunately, free time was limited as there were no extra Pisa to ship shuttles, the distance being a little far. I was a sad tourist as this left me no time to run up the tower which I’d wanted to do. Oh well – as Judith says – if I find myself feeling hard done by, I should consider what it’s like to live in Syria just now. So taking her sound advise – I sucked up that minor disappointment!

Pisa – well the main historic square was the sole focus of our tour and that provided enough eye candy and historical tid bits of information for the day! You all know about the leaning tower. There’s also a baptistery and a cathedral, town walls and rich history……. Unlike in Greece, the Italians are, despite their own economic challenges, still able to keep up the appearances and maintainable of their historically significant sites. Pisa is no exception. The surrounding grass is trim, cyclamen adorn window boxes, despite that obvious lean to the clock tower – and lesser leans to the other building – all is ship shape. Interestingly, the tower is leaning less now than it was several years ago. A wise person hired to stop the thing from falling over completely, realized ground rising on the high side was more of a threat than ground softening on the low side. The tower was being pushed up and over, not sinking. Solution – dig out enough from under the high side for the tower to reset its original lean. If they straightened it all together, who would come to see the leaning tower ? And after all it has been in this state since during its construction!

Pictures will follow.

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