Pompeii – the pictures (well four anyway)

You may have noted that I only send you four pictures per blog. This is not due to any disciplinary discretion on my part. Word press seems to only be able to up load four picture at a time with the ship’s wifi whether we’re in port or a sea….. 

The ferocious Mount Vesuvius – well what remains of it after it blew its top in 79AD and again in 1944 rises above the ruins of Pompeii. 

It’s actually quite amazing how much survived in reasonable good shape through the ash, fire and centuries of burial. And then numerous years of pilfering in more recent times. 

His body buried – this plaster cast tells the haunting story of this man’s last moment of life. There are numerous others but some were away for mending, others were behind glass so there was too much reflection to take pictures.

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