2 December – in the shadow of Vesuvius- Pompeii 

Our good ship docked in Naples and very soon thereafter, us hordes of Vikings swarmed ashore armed to the teeth with cameras and God help us, a truly hideous weapon – selfie sticks. Gee what’s with these selfies? “Look into the mirror folks if you need to see yourselves every two minues. Leave the sights to be enjoyed without your foolishness in front of everything!” ….. I digress…… Back to the invasion of Pompeii. It took a few hours to over-run the city. Our eventual spoils of conquest – great memories and souvenir treasures galore! (Dad and I procured a bottle of Lemoncello)

Our Viking raid  through the ruins of Pompeii was very successful! We had an excellent guide (commander?) and so were able to cover quite a bit of the enormous city. The last time I was there was 1964 – the site was weed filled and neglected with dead rotting dogs lieing around. Creepy “guides” sleazing about trying to get a few lira by taking tourists to see the sex frescoes…. Generally the ruins were a seedy place. No so this time. The area is much better preserved a great deal more has been excavated and there’s been some excellent resortation. All is now professionally managed. There is a great deal of current archeological digging going on and we were lucky enough to witness a new find just as it was excavated. A beautiful little face from a wall top decoration. The soil (ash) clinging to it was being gently dusted away to reveal the fine caved features. So there we were – amongst the first to see this small treasure which last saw the light of day in 79AD. 

Travelling at this time of year certainly carries the risk of dreadful weather. Although we have yet to experience that. The other aspect is, no crowds. There were of course other people visiting these fascinating and extensive ruins, but not in droves – other than our own invasion of course.

Due to the continued inexplicable oddities of picture uploading, I’m going to add pictures in a separate blog…..to save the aggravation of perhaps loosing what I’ve just written……

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