1 December – a warm, calm, sunny day at sea!

I’ve spent a good part of the day sitting out our our balcony working on my winter tan! So nice to have a relaxed day! I now have the ship’s cold so am really pleased to not be dashing to and from and up and down and wandering with agonizing slowness after the lollipop! However a day at sea is far from a day off.

9:30 a lecture on France and the ISIS attacks (6th in a series) other lectures have been about the refugees, Greece, ISIS in general – all really informative.

12:30 a talk about Naples and Pompeii (dad and I are off to Pompeii tomorrow)

1:30 a talk about Rome (we’re there the day after tomorrow)

3:45 a lecture about Mt Vesuvius

6:30 a lecture (5th in a series) about what forensic’s tells about health and disease in the Middle Ages. This has been a fascinating series which included forensic’s and bones to bring perpetrators of genocide to justice)

We’ll have dinner after that.

There are a dozen more things going on – the ones I mentioned are just the ones dad and I fit in today between all that sun bathing I told you about!

3 thoughts on “1 December – a warm, calm, sunny day at sea!

  1. Kim, while you’re basking in the sunshine & being enriched with culture and history, we’re hunkering down in good old west coast sideways rain & wind.
    I’m curious about the presenters for the various lectures? their backgrounds and political leanings? objective analysis? as you know from your 2 visits to Greece this year, what comes out in the press, and what you are witnessing first hand give rather different perspectives – as with any place & culture visited.
    Signing off looking out the window at the swaying trees
    hope your cold has abated….

  2. Wow – I just sat down with a cup of coffee and re-read your trip – so much of it is amazing and I love the history stories. I too was in Split back in 1969 and Dubrovnik – back when it was still Yugoslavia. It was nice to see the pictures of Corfu – Ruth and I were there for 2 weeks back in 1973 !! What a wonderful time with your Dad too. Keep on trucking girlfriend…

  3. What a fantastic enrichment series of lectures you sound to be having on board ship … very much in contrast to enrichment here. Three lectures by the same poerson (all quite good, mind you) but spread over a whole week. With the exception of one cookery demo, no other enrichment activities at all so far on Nautica. We’re guessing they as sold out the ship early, they haven’t felt the need to expand the program to attract more customers, but could be mistaken. The itinerary of ports is good though…as yours seems to be as well. Happy travels and hope those colds clear up soon. J&P

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